Sunday, January 25, 2009

Emergency Alert--Take Action Today!

Sound the alarm on Darfur - Call the White House

TAKE ACTION: Call the White House today by dialing 202-456-1111 or 1-800-GENOCIDE. Urge President Obama to condemn the violence happening now in Darfur.

Reports are coming out of Darfur that the Sudanese government and its militia allies are attacking civilians even as you read this.

According to a first-hand account from Darfur, "People in Elfasher (my hometown where my mother, sisters, brothers and their children are still there) saw military jets and heard loud explosions outside the city. Situation is tense in the city. People stayed at home (no schools or ordinary business). Usually air strikes are signs that the ground troops and Janjaweed are not far."

President Obama, Secretary Clinton and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice must respond. This is the first time that there have been reports of aerial attacks under the new administration's watch. They must send a clear message to Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and his regime that violence against civilians, peacekeepers and aid workers in Darfur will not be tolerated.


Hello, my name is (YOUR NAME) and I'm from (YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE). I'm calling to ask President Obama to urgently address the escalating violence in Darfur. According to on-the-ground reports, Omar al-Bashir has launched air and ground attacks throughout Darfur and civilians have been caught in the middle.

President Obama, please demand that Bashir, his regime and the involved rebel groups must immediately cease attacks on civilians in Darfur. Additionally, you should designate a high-level official with the necessary stature, authority and mandate to lead your administration's efforts to reach a comprehensive solution in Sudan. Thank you.

You can also call the State Department's Public Comment Line at 202-647-6575 and leave a similar message for Secretary of State Clinton.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr March--San Antonio 2009

Members of the San Antonio Interfaith Darfur Coalition and the South Texas Homeschool STAND Chapter joined with tens of thousands others to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and to continue his work of speaking out for peace and justice.

Friday, January 2, 2009


In less than three weeks, the Obama administration will be in office. Between now and then, it's crucial that Darfur activists around the country let them know loudly and clearly that there are tens of thousands of Americans who care deeply about Darfur and Sudan.

Several activist groups including the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition, the Massachusetts Darfur Coalition, New York City Coalition for Darfur,Stop Genocide Now, and Americans Against Genocide have worked together to develop a simple e-action that utilizes the invitation at the Obama website,, for American citizens to "Join the Discussion" and express ideas.

For those of you on Facebook, please post the e-action as a Note on your profile and share it with friends.

We've got a few weeks before Inauguration Day. Let's make our voices heard!

Text of e-action:

Please visit today and

1. Provide your information.
2. Check off the "Foreign Policy" box.
3. Copy and paste the following text into the "Your Ideas" space:

"An immediate challenge to the United States is how to lead the international community in bringing peace and protection to the people of Darfur. I urge President-Elect Obama to:

1)Create a peace surge for Sudan, focused on ending the crisis in Darfur rather than managing it.

2)Prepare a comprehensive emergency response plan to prevent Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir from carrying out his threats to accelerate attacks on Darfur and the millions residing in refugee camps and to block the humanitarian aid on which they rely for survival.

3)Identify genocide prevention as a policy priority and implement the recommendations of the Genocide Prevention Task Force.

Elements of the peace surge include fully implementing and supporting the U.N.-authorized peacekeeping force that actively protects civilians, holding the perpetrators of the genocide accountable, ensuring the success of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed by the governments of Sudan and South Sudan, and making Darfur a priority from Day One. The emergency response plan is particularly important given the recent threats by the Government of Sudan to attack Darfuris and humanitarians if the ICC issues the arrest warrant for al-Bashir as expected in early 2009. The non-partisan, blue ribbon Genocide Prevention Task Force published a blueprint for U.S. policymakers to integrate the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities into the broader structures of U.S. foreign policy, including the creation of an interagency Atrocities Prevention Committee (APC) to monitor areas of concern and develop and coordinate responses and interventions.